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Thread: What nameservers do I use for my domains?

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    Default What nameservers do I use for my domains?

    All of our VPS products are capable of serving DNS for all of your domains. The Plesk and CPanel control panels will even configure the DNS service on your server automatically for any domain/site you set up using the control panel. Webmin and QuickStart VPS customers will have to install and/or configure BIND manually. Those of you going through WHM setup and wondering what nameservers you should use for resolver setup, use any two of your servers IP addresses.

    As such, we do not provide nameservers for your domains. (Except for the QuickStart VPS, which automatically configures any domain you set up via the control panel on and If you are not a QuickStart VPS customer, your domains will not be set up on these nameservers.)

    "But when I put my servers IP addresses in the nameserver fields at my registrar, they won't accept them!"

    That is because you must register your server as a nameserver before you can use it as one.

    Please note the emphasis, this is NOT the same as registering your domain name.

    Registering your server as a nameserver is different at every registrar, and must be done at your registrar. i.e. If your domain name is, and you've registered the domain name at, you will only be able to register your server as and at We have tutorials for how to register nameservers at the most popular registrars. (Look for "Setup Private Nameservers")

    Once you have registered at least two of your servers IP addresses as nameservers, you can then use those nameservers as the servers of authority for any domain name you host on your server.

    Please note that registering your server as a nameserver does not automatically set those nameservers as the servers of authority for any of your domains. You must still modify the nameserver settings for each domain at its respective registry to use these nameservers.
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