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Thread: WHM Sql Services

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    Default WHM Sql Services

    I own virtual server .

    In account created by my server i can't create database whit utf8_unicode .
    I am in pozition to use Create database wizard but there latin2 is default .

    In whm i find out that in myphpadmin can create database whit utf8_unicode
    but how can i share this database whit the privet account that use cpanel crated from the virtual server .

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    There are several ways to go about doing this.
    When you create a table, you can set what character set it is in. Make
    sure it's unicode and you're set (utf)
    2) The client that you're connecting with (mysql, php, python, etc) can
    determine what character set they're inputting into the database. For
    php, configure php.ini, for the mysql client, edit my.ini, etc.


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