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    Hey guys ...

    Had a bad hosting experience? ( i have)

    I have video gaming website. Simple website running on clipshare so we can upload and watch gaming videos. I have tried Cirtex hosting and i was really unsatisfied with services and support. Later i tried godaddy and the move was even worse.

    I was going to order Spry's vps server but i notice you guys don't have anything about ffmpeg support. Clipshare script needs ffmpeg in order to run.

    So, do you guys have anything with ffmpeg preinstalled?

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    While we do not offer pre-installed ffmpeg templates, we do offer full root access with all of our VPS hosting services - this means that you will have the ability to install any software which you need (provided it does not violate our Acceptable Use Policy).

    In reviewing the Wikipedia entry for ffmpeg, it appears as though some codecs included with the software may infringe upon US software patents - should you elect to host with us, please ensure that any software or material on your VPS is in compliance with US copyright and patent law.


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