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Thread: bunch of shared hosting Qs

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    Default bunch of shared hosting Qs

    We're looking to host a handful of small, static sites, and Spry is our top candidate. We're interested in "Plan 2".

    I get the impression that your shared hosting uses cPanel, however that's not clear from the overview page.
    I have no direct experience with cPanel, so please brace yourselves for some noob questions:

    1. Roughly what (if any) functionality is lost in your Control Panel if one's browser has client-side active scripting (e.g. javascript) and ActiveX "off"?
      Note that we do almost all site management using FTP/SSH/etc, so typically only use a CP for domain and email setup.
    2. Do you allow use of procmail or any other MDA?
    3. Do you do any mandatory "gateway" spam and/or virus filtering?
      We'd prefer NOT to have any mandatory filtering.
    4. What type of multi-domain support do you provide?
      Are they true "separate" domains (perhaps with the ability to limit different admins to specific domain(s)), or are they "domain pointers", or ...?
    5. What's your web access log rollover and retention process?
      I've heard (old) horror stories about cPanel, though it sounds like those were issues of lack of competency of the provider (their tech support asked my friend why he would want to have logs - scary, eh?).

    Thanks in advance for any information you folks can provide!

    P.S. I tried to email these to a sales account, but your contact page appears not to work with browsers with "high" security settings.
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