This page (which is directly linked from Spry's shared hosting packages page):
states that all of: Drupal, TikiWiki, and SMF are available installs with Fantastico.
I could not find any of them in cPanel.

I am a complete noob when it comes to cPanel, so perhaps there's something obvious I'm overlooking.
I didn't see anything labelled "Fantastico" but did find a bunch of packages on the "Software ::Site Software" page.

We're not planning to run a production Drupal on a shared webhosting account, merely trial it and some other CMSes before setting one up on a VPS account.

Somewhat related... I uploaded a dummy php page today (i.e. really an HTML page with no php statements), and got a 500 error when I tried to access it.
When I renamed it to .htm, it worked fine, so I'm assuming there's something I have to change to activate PHP.
What & where?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.