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    i am alone, i am alone, i am alone, i am alone,

    it's look for me that i am the first one who write a topic in this forum


    first of all i will like to say thanks for SPRY hosting for the unmetred bandwidth plans
    that is what i was looking for

    second, i have a question i think it is common one but i really have to ask

    i made order for select 200 vps by Friday morning and by midnight stareday (GMT) i made a setup for the WHM
    by 1 am i made 2 order to a private DNS base on the 2 ip you gave me on
    and another 2 order on

    but until now they are not ready
    i tried this


    the first one on and the second in

    so i start to be worry,, what do you think guys ?

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    Did you setup this domain in WHM and also setup those names as the Nameservers under the setup?

    If so you may have a problem with your Nameserver. You can correct this by running this command by logging into your serve via SSH.





    service named restart

    After this is done. you should be able to goto the following url and test the domain which is setup on the server.
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