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Thread: Backups - Are they working yet?

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    Default Backups - Are they working yet?

    When my site had an issue (due to a hack) I requested a backup. At that time I was told "there were no backups since your request". I said "OK, when was the last backup" and was told that due to a hardware failure there were actually no backups.

    I'm happy to post the actual thread if necessary.

    My question is: When will backups begin again? I value this as part of the service offered, however when I asked about the lack of backups I was told "this is an extra service, not part of our SLA" -

    So guaranteed uptime is one thing, but not having an active backup is another - so if anything happens to your data, the backups you EXPECT to be running(because Spry says they do this for all VPS accounts) are not there to be used.

    I have made several follow up emails to be told that backups are not in place yet.

    I feel that it is at best misleading and at worst false advertising to still state that you provide backups if you know you don't. Users deserve to know about this.

    I must say the staff were very friendly but utterly useless in this case.

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    Hello m2rock,

    I cannot release specifics just yet, but we do have a new developer on staff who is actively testing a new backup system he has created to rectify this problem. I anticipate this new system being in place and replacement of our current backup system within the coming weeks.

    Your original support request (submitted a few months ago) is still active, and I continue to check on the status of our new backup system. You will be the first to know when it is active.

    I'd just like to add, we do have backups for most all Spry VPS's. Our current backup system has a few problems which combined to cause this failure in this particular case. As such we do recommend all Spry VPS clients enable the backup systems included in their chosen control panels in case of similar failure.


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