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Thread: Continuity of Support

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    Default Continuity of Support

    I would like to suggest more careful continuity of support on an issue. On my current issue I have been told 2 or 3 different solutions. I was then also told that there is not enough staff to provide paid technical support. I find this frustrating. I then purchased a whole new VPS for a year, and was sent incorrect instructions to fix my problem. Each technician always tries to be helpful, and generally they are very friendly and seemingly knowledgeable, however to have many different opinions and suggestions for the same problem makes it hard to have confidence in any of their advice when it seems contrary.

    If I was paying $15 a month for hosting I'd be OK with this - but for your top of the line VPS (and now two VPS accounts) this level of service doesn't cut it.

    I am hoping this squeaky wheel can get some oil, because my business is suffering due to my current problem, and the help I need is not being provided, even when I offer to pay extra for it.


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    Hello m2rock,

    I apologize for the conflicting answers previously provided. I will be calling you personally today to explain further.


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