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Thread: Zero to Hosting Company: A quick walkthrough

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    Default Zero to Hosting Company: A quick walkthrough

    It seems a lot of Spry customers are moving up from reseller hosting elsewhere, and are a bit confused by all the extra options/configuration required to start using their Cpanel VPS. Here's a quick walkthrough of the steps needed to start your own hosting service with Spry.
    • Purchase a cPanel VPS from
    • Get a new domain name at the same time. (If you already have a domain name you would like to use, that's fine too, just modify the steps following to register nameservers and change servers of authority. You must do this at your registrar.)
    • Once your account is ready, log in at with your email address and password. Only if SPRY is your domain registrar.
    • Click My Sites then My Domains and then your new domain name. Only if SPRY is your domain registrar.
    • Now click on Register Name Server. Copy the example under the NameServer field into the form and put one of your new VPS servers IP addresses into the IP Address field. Click Submit Changes to register this nameserver. Only if SPRY is your domain registrar.
    • Repeat the last step to register at least one more nameserver with another one of your servers IP addresses. Only if SPRY is your domain registrar.
    • If your domain is not registered with Spry, you must complete the steps above at your domain registrar. We have tutorials for the most popular domain registrars here The ones labelled Setup Private Nameservers
    • Now you're ready to set up your cPanel server with the WHM Setup Wizard. Use the nameservers you just registered as the Primary and Secondary nameservers when asked.
    • You'll probably want to set up an account for your own domain name now. If it's already hosted elsewhere, you can skip this. Use this tutorial to set up an account.
    • Now you can log into again to set the nameservers for your domain to use the nameservers you registered earlier. Click Change DNS instead of Register Name Server this time. Skip this if you skipped the last step.
    • At this point you can start Creating Accounts for your customers.
    • You can also grant your hosting customers reseller privileges by visiting the Reseller Center in WHM. They will then be able to log in to WHM with their username and password. They will only see their account, and limited options you specify when upgrading them to reseller status. Like create new account, delete account... They will only see accounts they set up, not any of your other accounts.
    • Sell, sell, sell. Quit your day job. Live out the rest of your days answering support requests. Make a million bucks.

    Of course this is not everything. Spry installs the latest stable install/configuration from It's a good idea to tweak the settings of your server for security and functionality before going live with any sites.
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