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Thread: Resell Branded VPS/Dedicated servers

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    Default Resell Branded VPS/Dedicated servers

    I did a search in the forums about this but didn't see anything anywhere.

    Does Spry offer reselling of branded VPS or dedicated servers?

    i.e. I would like to sell VPS's to my clients but would like my logo in Virtuozzo instead of Spry's. I noticed that Spry does offer a package to sell VPS's for about $249/mo, but I would like to see if it's available on a one-at-a-time option until the $249 is a bit more feasable, then possibly move all of the resold VPS to the hardware node of the $249 option.

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    Hi Chris,

    Unfortunately, it's not possible to rebrand Virtuozzo on a per-account basis. Our Virtuozzo dedicated servers will provide you with the ability to do rebranding.


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