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Thread: Cpanel Functionality in Webmin with virtualmin

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    Default Cpanel Functionality in Webmin with virtualmin

    You can use webmin to get Reseller type functionality out of your VPS that is installed with webmin. The way that you accomplish this is by loading in the Module called VirtualMin from into your Webmin Modules Section. This will allow you to create webmin accounts for you customers so that they can manage there own Domains, quotas, email, subdomains, Mysql Databases and so on. Before you do this, you will want to update your webmin to the latest version available. To do this you can go into your Webmin Configuration and click on Upgrade Webmin.

    If you have anymore questions about this please post your comments here. You will find that Webmin is a very Powerfull yet easy alternative to Cpanel. And works great on our Select 100 Accounts.
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    Download and installation instructions for this can be found at:

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    I just got my VPS account with webmin and installed virtualmin.
    After installing, it prompt me to enter to my dns which I did.
    The next step requires me to setup webalizer.
    The moment I disable webalizer, I can't seem to login to my webmin account anymore! It gave me page not found error message!

    What can I do now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprydq
    It gave me page not found error message!
    A 404 error? What url are you using to access webmin?


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