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    Question A Few Questions...

    (In reference to the following questions, please assume I was to purchase a VPS 200 with Webmin package)

    1.) At the time of my order, if I select, say, Debian, but after a month, I decide that using Fedora would be more beneficial, is it possible to switch OS's? If so, is there a fee involved?

    2.) I noticed that the Webmin VPS page mentions Fedora Core 2, but not FC4, the most recent version. Is it possible to get a VPS with FC4?

    3.) I noticed that IRC servers, bouncers, and bots are not allowed. Is the same true for TeamSpeak servers?

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    Changing Operating Systems on any hosting plan will always require you to completely reinstall any software you have installed, and also migrate content again.

    Virtuozzo currently only supports FC2. Spry makes new Operating System templates availabe as they become supported by Virtuozzo.

    TeamSpeak is permitted and will function correctly, so long as it is running on its default ports (8765,8766)


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