I got a Plesk Fedora Core 4 VPS last year knowing that FC4 was really old then (and now I see it's not even offered for new accounts). I've had to do a lot of upgrades to different components just to get things to work for me and my applications.

The question I have now is: Is it possible to switch to what is now being offered with the Plesk CentOS? The PHP and MySQL are at a high enough level (although not as high as my current but sufficient) but by going to a "standard" again, maybe I can get some of the new things I want to use to work more easily.

If I can make the switch, what methods are there to transferring all my domains, websites, databases, etc. over? I have running several different web apps including several Moodle instances, dotProject, a survey app, Wordpress, WordpressMU, FunBB, etc.

Recommendations anyone?