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Thread: MaxClients / Httpd Crash

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    Default MaxClients / Httpd Crash


    My httpd keeps crashing and i checked my error logs and found out with was because of the setting "MaxClients" in the apache httpd.conf. It was set at the default 50 which ive now raised to 256 which i found out is the max it seems to work on red hat. Just wondering if anyone has come accross this issue and if we can raise the "MaxClients" higher so this wont happen in the future to have user coming into site and not being able to reach the site.

    Thanks guys.

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    The more clients you have the more people can look at your site at any given moment, of course. But beware of setting it too high because that will increase the size of your apache server in the memory. If your server has to load a backup then it doubles that size often.

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    There's actually a limit of 256 coded in to apache 1.3, however in apache version 2.0, the hardlimit is 20000


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