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Thread: FormMail / Horde /Squirrelmail setup

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    Question FormMail / Horde /Squirrelmail setup


    I'm using the default FormMail.cgi script located at the cgi-sys subdirectory, and I would like to personalize it some more. When I try to download it to my PC all I get is a three-line file.

    In the Horde /Squirrelmail cases, I want to be able to read html messages, images included, but I haven't found anything helpful at the corresponding support sites.

    I hope that somebody will be able to help me with thiese questions. Otherwise, I'm very happy working with Spry. The support team is very helpful.


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    The FormMail.cgi script which comes with CPanel and compiled and therefore is in binary. The file cannot be downloaded and modified. In this instance, it is best to find an uncompiled version and install it in the cgi-bin for the domain that will use it.

    Make sure that the file have execute permissions, the ownership is the same as the directory, and that the website has the ability to run scripts from the cgi-bin directory.

    As to the Horde/Squirrelmail, both of these webmail clients should display html versions of the email. If they do not, then please open a support ticket and we can investigate.

    Glad we could be of assistance.


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