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    Hello everybody!... I'm new at the forum, and also new to Plesk management. There are many things about it don't know yet but one specially worries me: backup.
    I'd like to make a full backup of the whole server. The manual says that all I've to do is enter as "root" and type a particular command... it seems easy but I'm not sure about what exactly means enter as root. Do I have to go to shell?... if so, where is the shell? ... Thanks everyone!

    Hello again! I've already foun the way of getting shell via putty. I enter as root and can see the folders. The thing is that the manual says I should change to plesk_installation_directory/bin and type ./pleskbackup all <filename>, but I can't find the installation directory and it doesn`t recognize the command pleskbackup. What I'm doing wrong? Thanks everyone!
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