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Thread: 2 payment needed for the same domain???

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    Default 2 payment needed for the same domain???

    Well, cause I accidentally processed the same domain name. It's an accident because, I closed the window which processed my domain name and I thought it was cancelled and I had to do it all over again. So I did.

    Afterwards, I paid for the domain name. I received an email and it stated that I paid for one ONLY, there is another invoice that I have to pay for. So I checked what it was and it showed that it's the same domain name. The earlier application I made, if I'm not wrong.

    So what I want to know now is whether it will be fixed or something because I won't pay another $7.95 to a domain name which I already paid for. The invoice ticket of the one I paid for is 68028, if i'm no wrong. And the one that is unpaid is 68027. I hope you guys can take out that 68027, because I'm not planning on paying for that. And I hope that this doesn't affect the domain I bought since both invoices are payments for the same domain name.

    Also, since this is sort of the first time I'm buying a domain. After I bought the domain, and if I typed its address in the address bar, it doesn't show up. Is it because I have to wait at least 1 day for the DNS to change and point wherever they should point to? And why the domain I paid for (#6802 is not shown on the domain section in the billing center page in my account? Does that take time too?

    Please and thank you for answering my questions in the future.

    The email I used for my account in spry is, in case you need it.
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