Hi guys,

Maybe someone on here can help me with this. I've raised a ticket incase any of the support team are hovering on here (ticket id: 738001)

I ordered 3 domains yesterday, but, when it came to the paypal payment I ran into a problem with my balance (not enough in there) so I clicked on START OVER and registered just 2 of the 3 domains I tried ordering a few moments before. This time the paypal payment worked, I got my receipt from paypal and from spry thanking me for the payment, but, I can't use the 2 domains I just paid for.

In my spry billing page, the 3 domain order invoice is marked as unpaid, which I guess means that when you hit the payment page, there is no optrion to cancel the order and the start over link just starts with a new fresh order.

I'm guessing that the outstanding invoice for the failed 3 domain order is holding up my domains. So, my question is: how do I cancel that order?

Is it possible for a customer to do that or do I have to contact the billing team?

thanks for any assistance/pointers.