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Thread: Redirecting your domain to a URL

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    Default Redirecting your domain to a URL

    Spry's domain registration product does not include redirection. In fact, it does not include DNS hosting or web hosting of any kind. You must aquire DNS and/or Web Hosting elsewhere (our Shared Hosting product for instance.)

    If you buy a domain and want to redirect it to for example you must purchase web hosting as well.

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    Why wasn't this clear when purchasing a domain name? I already have web space. What are my options now to use my name WITHOUT purchasing another hosting service?

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    When you use a registrar's redirection service, the registrar's server returns a 302 - Moved Temporarily HTTP response code.

    Search engines like Google and Yahoo interpret this code literally - resulting in a multiple instances of your domains (i.e.,, in their ranking indices.

    The effect of using a domain registrar's redirection service is negative - because there are multiple instances of your domain's content in the index, no one instance receives the ranking which should be assigned to it.

    This is a very well-documented behavior - I suggest that you consider the following discussions of redirect behavior as it concerns search engines before you consider using a domain registrar's redirection service:

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