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Thread: Clear Queues on Barracuda

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    Default Clear Queues on Barracuda

    Hey everyone, I've got a customer who uses a Barracuda Spam Firewall 300 (thats from memory but I believe thats right). At some point the unit was compromised and got bombarded with spam emails. This isnt your regular spam though. Someone was actually using the unit to SEND spam to others. The messages are very obvious as they are being sent as <user> Now I've set every security setting and block rule I can find to disallow anything coming from the subdomain "mail" but the damage has been done.

    I've taken the unit offline and its not able to actually deliver emails so they are piling up in the outbound queue. Currently the average delivery time is at over 800,000 seconds.

    I want to just clear the queues completely and have them at 0. None of the emails are needed as I've already temporarily provided them with email access but they would very much like their barracuda online as it filters out alot of junk.

    If anyone knows how to clear the queues or has any security suggestions, I am all ears.


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    Are you using cPanel by any chance?


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