I'm getting several notices a day that one service or another is not running by Watchdog on my VPS300 CentOS using Plesk 8.6. I've looked through the different logs for something that might tell me what's going on but I just don't see anything. The Watchdog logs in /usr/local/psa/var/modules/watchdog/log don't tell me anything about what might have caused the problem.

I've had the IMAP/POP3 service go down, along with the Plesk Web Server, SMTP Server, SpamAssassin, and the DNS server.

I'm a newbie as it comes to Linux administration so any help in where to find the error message would be great.

Also, I'm not exactly sure how Watchdog works. If it tries to run a job and fails, does it then automatically try to stop and then start that service? If so, what if it's cron job is the problem and not the actual services? Is there a setting to how many cron jobs can run at any one time?

Thanks in advance for any help one might be able to give.