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Thread: Looking to take the plunge

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    Default Looking to take the plunge

    Since my site has grown over the years. It appears that shared hosting might not be the way to go.

    I am looking for the simplist VPS to set up and run (if these even exsit).

    My ? to spry is can someone with limited(basically shared platform) knowledge set up and run one of your VPS servers?

    Thank You

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    My response to this post may be relevant to you:
    Running a VPS is MUCH more work than using a reseller account. You're managing a whole virtual computer! Although WHM is very powerful I'd say you really need to be pretty comfortable with linux and the command line to manage a server successfully. There's A LOT to learn but there's also a lot of good guidance out there and people wanting to help you. I was pretty clueless when I started out and, although the learning curve was pretty damn steep, I got there in the end! Good luck
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