I agonized over which hosting provider to choose and which particular package would suite my needs best for the best price. Although gettting a server at a very good price was important, customer support and customer service help was by far my greatest concern. After hosting with 3 previous suppliers over 5 years, I found support, and accounts/server to be the biggest issues in the hosting market. After researching dozens of hosting providers online, including the biggest to the smallest. I decided to give Spry my business (at least for the 30-day money-back period) and see if they met my expectations.

After being a customer for about 4 months now, I can honestly say I am impressed. The server has been fast, the monthly bill is less than I would find most anywhere and the support is simply unbeatable. To date, I have had the following problems resolved quickly and kindly by patient support reps:

- DNS setup support and help
- MaxClients issue resolved
- Help with 2 seperate attacks on my server
- Help with 5-10 other various server configuration settings

The support reps have worked both with me and an experienced programmer/coder I have, and have been able to manage both inexperienced and experienced user questions and resolve using language both can understand easily. What a great feeling.

The amount of time it takes to get small issued resolved is generally less than 15 minutes using the support chat, and for bigger problems, generally no longer than 2 hours to get resolution from support ticket system.

If you are looking for a SOLID host who offers quality server hardware and software (mine is a VPS account with Plesk) that is simply fast and dependable, with great support and reasonable rates, you should really think about hosting with Spry. I agonized over the decision for weeks and now, 4 happy months later, I am relieved to have such a great hosting partner.

I don't ever write reviews, but after having websites for over 5 years, I know hosting can be a b----, so I simply can't let this information stay with me, I need to let others know.