Hello All:

We recently moved some of our public web sites to Spry Hosting from another company (whose name should not be mentioned in polite company.) So far, we're very happy with the whole process, from ordering to support and up-time. Server performance has been excellent so far as well.

Spry seems to be the current leader/innovator in stable VPS solutions. They offer several excellent varieties of rock-solid products and we're very happy with them so far.

For instance, last Friday the 31st, there was a problem with a network connection/peer provider to Spry. Even though the problem was not under their direct control, they got everything back up and running very quickly, probably in a matter of minutes. They have also answered what few support questions we've had to ask with speed and efficiency.

In short, there are a ridicuous number of web hosting companies out there offering a myriad of options. But if you're looking for solid VPS solutions, great support and sleek operations, we'd say Spry is a very good way to go.

The Gate Web Folks
The Gate Media Group