I don't know much about hosting related stuff. I know basic things like how to login to cpanel, where to go to upload files, how to create databases, how to make email accounts and little stuff like that.

But I want to use VPS now and I have heard that VPS servers are different in use than our shared hosting servers. The security of the server is in our own hands and the hosting company will not do anything to secure our data as they do with shared hostings.

I don't know how to secure my server, how to reboot it...etc I just want a VPS and want to use it as I use my shared hosting server, just want to login, upload files...etc, nothing more complicated.

Is it possible?

Or people like me can't use VPS unless they have good knowledge of servers?

I hope you understand me.

I can pay "Money" for VPS or even for Dedicated servers, but the problem is that I don't know how to run them