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Thread: Clock is one hour behind

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    Default Clock is one hour behind

    Starting from, I think, a couple of days ago, the clock of my VPS has been one hour behind the actual time. I tried changing it:

    [root@server root]# date -s "23:33"
    date: cannot set date: Operation not permitted
    Thu Apr 27 23:33:00 EDT 2006
    [root@server root]# date
    Thu Apr 27 22:33:03 EDT 2006
    The timezone IS correct.

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    Default Hardware clock restrictions


    The hardware clock on each hardware node is not updateable from within a virtual environment. (The system clock and timezone setting still is though.) This thread talks a little about that.

    PM me your VPS's IP address, I'll double-check that the NTP service is running on the hardware node and reset the clock if necessary.


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