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    Default Cpanel VPS

    Im interested on Cpanel VPS 200 but have some questions:

    1.- What do you mean by Cpanel configure has a fee? Do i get the VPS with Cpanel WHM ready to use or need to do or configure anything else but DNS, etc?

    2.- You say its not a managed service, exactly what do you mean bu that?

    3.- Can i reboot from WHM?

    4.- To run a typicall hosting, with htaccess and everything, which OS did you recommend? RedHat 9?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Thanks for your inquiry! Let me try and address all of your questions.

    1. I beleive you're asking speifically about our support policy. Configuration of cPanel is not included with Basic Support. Configuration of cPanel is items such as 'How do I add a user to my WHM'. We have extensive documentation that will help you with these items. Please note that all accounts include advanced support for the first ten days.

    2. Are VPS product are semi-managed. We will continue to update security in your system when we are aware of it. We also take backups of your system mightly.

    3. Yes absolutely you can reboot your own server.

    4. You will be able to have .htacecss on any operating system. Redhat-9 is a bit dated, unless you have a specific reason to choose Redhat-9, I'd reccomend Fedora.

    I hope these answers help.




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