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    Question Bit Confused About DNS ...


    I've just ordered a webmin200 account, but I already own the domain I want to use for the VPS ...

    I've been reading the up on the site and forum, and it seems you're pushed towards having to set up BIND9, run your own nameservers and then point the domain to them (correct me if I'm wrong).

    But surely I can just change the ip the domain points to in the DNS setup of the current name servers (in this case 123-reg) !?

    Also, a little off topic but do the VPS's offer FTP access as default, or will I need to install say ProFTP !?

    Oh, and another, is PHP installed by default !? And if so, is it easy to remove !?

    Final one, I promise ... On the first email got it gave me a random username and the password I picked during sign-up, but it doesn't tell me what it's for ... as in the second email, it details the root account, which is the one I expected. So my question is, what app's the first username/password combo for !?


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