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Thread: NY Data Center VPS Network Speeds?

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    Default NY Data Center VPS Network Speeds?


    I'm considering going with one of the NY Data Center's VPS plans (the 512, 1024, or 204.

    On these plans, what is the nominal/typical speed to the internet? Is the speed character typically synchronous or asynchronous? Who is your upstream internet provider(s)? Do you have any diversity or redundancy in your net connections at this NY Data Center? I'm interested to test this data center's local response stats: Can you provide an open ftp server for me to test upload & download performances?

    Your "50%" off special offer - Is this for the first month only, or for as long as I remain a customer? Does the 50% off offer also extend to the already discounted 1 year pre-paid packages?

    Thanks for your attention.

    Bill B.

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    The network is generally 100 megabits per second in or out. The upstreams are Peer 1 with tritech for redundancy. We do not have any ftp servers that allows you to upload and test the speeds.

    The 50% off special is only for the first month and cannot be combined with any existing discounts. It is applied to the pricing that you've selected as the billing period.

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