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    I have clients (that I host) who do periodic mass e-mailings to their own clients & interested prospects. I believe that all of the recipients fall under an "opt in" character. I use phpList to send out these mailings (of from 25 to 3500 pieces).

    Are there any prospective issues do my providing this mass emailing service using one of the VPS servers out of the NYC data center? Is this sort of outbound traffic throttled in any manner?

    Bill B.

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    There currently isn't any bandwidth throttling at the NYC datacenter to my knowledge, nor are there plans to implement one. Please note that despite the list being opt-in, if we receive a spam complaint, we will have to take action. Also please review the RFC recommendations and make sure each email includes a way to track the recipient even if the address is removed from the spam report.

    Spry Support


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