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Thread: AUP: no "Scanning networks"...

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    Default AUP: no "Scanning networks"...


    In your Acceptable Use Policy, you assert that "scanning networks" is considered a "malicious activity", and is prohibited.

    In my small SEO business, I offer port-scanning services for my clients. The purpose of this scanning activity is to assure my client's server network accessibility and acceptable performance. I also scan my own and my clients servers for security vulnerabilities (typically using snort and similar tools).

    For these purposes, my scans would be source originated FROM the spry NYC data center going outbound.

    I'd also seek to ensure the accessibility and acceptable performance of my Spry server via external port scans sourcing from outside of the Spry NYC Data Center.

    Are any of these intended "network scanning" activities as described prohibited by Spry?

    Thanks for your attention.

    Bill B.

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    This should be okay as long as :
    a) Your clients/customers know it's coming.
    b) They don't send any complaints to us.
    Once we receive a complaint, we will need to take action. But as long as we don't receive any, it's okay.

    Spry Support


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