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Thread: mySQL, Plesk, cPanel

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    Default mySQL, Plesk, cPanel


    1) I would like to sign-up but I need to run my software under mySQL 5. How fast and is it difficult to setup upgrade the mySQL 4.1 to mySQL 5. Ideally, wish the system is fully setup with the latest software so that we can start our business asap.

    2) Secondly, I am considering Plesk 8 vs cPanel, but I thought of using RHEL + Plesk 8. I am used to WHM/cPanel but would like to try Plesk 8 if it has the same feature as cPanel. Any advise would be great. Ideally, I would still go back to WHM/cPanel, if Plesk 8 is not faster.

    3) Also like to check is the mySQL shared on the same server or within my VPS? Sorry, I am used to shared and dedicated, but new to VPS.

    4) Lastly, do you have any online procedure on mySQL upgrading which we can take a look, for both Plesk and cPanel. This is assure ourselves that we can we can handle the upgrade without wasting too much time, and to help decide which control panel to go for.

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    Thank you for your interest in Spry. cPanel can enable MySQL 5 support by following these instructions:


    Plesk does not currently support MySQL5.

    As the VPS runs within its own filesystem and operating system, the MySQL software you use is dedicated for your own use.


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