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    Default Mailboxes for Sendmail

    Hi, I've read several different documents on Sendmail now, and all of them say that to create a mailbox you must create a system user first. I just want a mailbox, not a system user. For example, on a previous redhat system, there was a folder /var/spool/vmail. Inside vmail was a folder for each user's mailbox. In each user's folder was a folder for openwebmail, a folder for their mail, and a folder with their passwd file for authentication.

    I just started using a webmin VPS with Fedora Core 4, and am having a hard time figuring out how to do this. It seems to me that the webmin installation is not properly configured for a lot of the servers/services.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    The system that had the /var/spool/vmail used virtual user's and virtual mail directories to accept email for users. It require special configuration such that the programs could recognize the virtual user and interact with it properly. Sendmail's basic configuration is to use the standard /etc/passwd file to recognize who should receive mail and does not normally make a distinction between domains, except whether or not it will accept email for them; however, proper use of the virtusertable and aliases files can allow a user to get mail from only one specific domain.

    If you need the to have virtual email users, your best option would be to use another program such as qmail, postfix, or courier. These all allow virtual users as well as using the Maildir structure for storing email. This means that you would also need to install POP and/or IMAP servers that can handle the Maildir structure.


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