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Thread: Configuring Plesk DNS

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    Default Configuring Plesk DNS

    The default Plesk DNS template, located under Server/Services/DNS, is used to create the zone files for all domains which are added to your account. However, it's initial configuration is not what is normally seen for a zone file. Therefore, it is suggested to follow the steps below to modify the template.

    1. The first step is to determine what the name of your primary and secondary name servers will be. Convention uses the subdomains ns1 and ns2 as the name servers. For this example, our name servers will be and
    2. Secondly, access the DNS template by selecting Server from the left frame under system, and then select DNS under services in the right frame.
    3. The template that appears has 2 entries which need to be removed:
    3a. The NS record: "<domain>. NS ns.<domain>."
    3b. The corresponding A record: "ns.<domain>. A <ip>"
    4. These fields are removed by checking the box on the entries line and select "Remove Selected". On the next screen confirm the deletion.
    5. Now 2 entries for the primary and secondary name servers need to be added. This is accomplished under the "Add a DNS record" section.
    5a. From the drop-down menu, select NS as the record type and click on the button.
    5b. On the next screen, leave the domain name field blank and enter "" into the name server field, then click ok.
    5c. Repeat this for the "" entry.
    6. The final step is to specify the IPs for these subdomains.
    6a. Add "" as a domain to your Plesk account through the Domains screen under General in the left frame.
    6b. After adding "", click on the domain name and then select DNS from the following screen to edit the zone file.
    6c. The DNS screen will look similar to the template screen.
    6d. From the "Add a DNS record" section, select "A" as the record tyep adn click on "Add".
    6e. Enter "ns1" in the domain name text box.
    6f. Enter one of your IPs as the IP address and click "OK".
    6g. Repeat for "ns2" using a different IP address.

    That's it. All future domains will have the new configuration as their zone file. If you have already added domains, they can be converted to the new template by clicking on the "Default" button on the domains DNS page under "Restoring the DNS zone by the template".

    You will now want to register the two domains, and, as name servers with your registrar. Tutorials on how to do this for several registrars are located at Once they are registered, you'll then want to have the domains you will be hosting point to them.
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