hi, I have a cPanel licence but it's in a datacenter, and I want to move everything from that datacenter to another server in the location where I work.
I think there is a problem with the trial activations, and I have a few questions that I need help for:

1. Is the cPanel trial activasion based on ip address(es) or is it based on a location ? the address where I've registered the cpanel account ? Because in order to move my web sites to the location where I am now from that datacenter I have to activate or it will be automaticaly activated when I install cPanel.
2. If it's an ip address based trial, can I buy an ip subnet and solve the problem ?

I realy need help and I would like to know how can I move all the data to one cpanel to another and then move the license on the final cpanel. Is the posible ?

Thanks for your help !