Q: Why are you making these changes? / Why are you moving the data center to Boston?
A: Consolidating operations in our Boston data center allows us to focus on continuing to upgrade the performance, reliability, and security of our VPS platform. The VPS platform in the Boston data center is comprised of all dual-quad core machines with 16GB of RAM. The machines are connected to our network with dual interfaces, separating backup traffic from production traffic, to ensure that taking regular backups will not impact the network performance of the server.

Sitting in front of the servers are redundant M71 routers and firewalls, cross-connected to the outside world.

Nearly every point on the network has a redundant piece of hardware that is "heartbeated" to take over in the event of a problem. The only exception is the actual connection to the Internet, which has to be manually failed over, to ensure that your traffic doesn't erroneously flip between providers.

Q: Are you moving both the Seattle and New York data centers to Boston?
A: Yes, all operations in both the Seattle and New York data centers are moving to Boston. From Seattle to Boston, there is generally about an additional 85ms of latency. If you are on the West Coast (or across the Pacific Ocean), your latency may be a bit more than it was before. This may not be noticeable to you, unless you are running a game server (or something else that relies on ultra-low latency).

If you are located east of Seattle, your latency to Boston may be lower (better) than your latency to Seattle. It will depend on your particular location and provider.

For those of you in New York, the Boston data center will likely not have an appreciable difference in latency.

Q: When, exactly, will you migrate my account(s)/container(s)?
A: We expect to begin server migrations during the second full week of April. We will notify you at least twice via email before your container is scheduled to be moved, and you will have the opportunity to adjust the migration date if you prefer.

Q: Is there anything I should do right now?
A: There is nothing you need to do right now. We will email you to let you know when your container has been scheduled to be migrated, so keep an eye out for messages from us.

Q: Will the migration disrupt my services?
A: Technically, the process will be a "live" migration. Your server data will be copied across to the Boston data center while your server is up and running. Your server will go down only for a short period of time to copy your last files. Once your data is finished copying, your server will be brought back online in the new data center, using the same IP, same OS, and same configuration.

Q: Will you be raising prices?
A: We have no plans at this time to change existing prices.

Q: I'd like to cancel my account; will I receive a refund?
A:Regarding cancellations, we work with customers on an individual basis. Please contact the Billing Support team and we will work with you to come up with a proper resolution.

Q: Will you be changing the Terms of Service?
A: While we have no plans to make any significant changes to the Terms, they are "living" documents, and we encourage you to review them regularly. As always, if you have a specific question about our Terms of Service, please contact us at transition@spry-inc.com.

Q: What are these partnerships with Google, Yahoo!, etc. all about?
A: Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook have provided us the ability to give customers free advertising credits. These are legitimately free. If you create a new advertising account with the provider, you will receive free credits to advertise your site.

You are not required to redeem any of your marketing credits; if they aren't applicable for your particular VPS usage, then you can simply ignore them. There is no exchange of data with the provider, should you decide to redeem your credits.

We also have an integration with Google Webmaster Tools, as well as an integration with Enom to offer domain registration and renewal services (if you would like to register or manage domains with us) and with Verisign to offer SSL certificates.