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Thread: Unable to access my account

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    Exclamation Unable to access my account

    If there are any support staff online right now, please send me a private message.

    Unable to access my account and its really urgent. Can't access support from the web since I am also unable to login there.

    According to it, my username and domain name does not exist when I tried the forget password feature.

    Unable to access all of my websites.

    No one is replying via e-mail. And according to ping, is also down. So I'm not even sure my e-mails are getting through.

    Tried contacting the old team, said they no longer have access to my account.

    Spry doesn't seem to have live support.

    Not from the US, so I'm also unable to contact the 1-800 numbers.

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    Could you contact Support Team?


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