I got my mind server setup. I do however have two domain names I want to use and I want one domain name to go to one of my IPs and the other to go to the other. I cannot figure out how I would set this up correctly. In WebMin would I create another master zone? Then mimic the setup except have ns1.<other name server>.com. Would I create a slave zone instead? Should I have ns1.<firstnameserver>.com ns2.<firstnameserver>.com and then for the other one have ns1.<other domain>.com etc? Or should I only have one name server associated with one IP?

Also right now when I type in my domain name www.onebulb.com it goes to the write IP but the IP appears in the status bar? I have a CNAME setup from www.onebulb.com --> onebulb.com, but nothing else. I would prefer that all address such as onebulb.com go to www.onebulb.com

Anyone know how to set this up correctly?

Next to I hve to send in a ticket for reverse dns? I tried setting it up inbind with no luck.