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Thread: Disappointing Transition To New Datacenter

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    Spry recently transitioned my VPS to a new data center and billing system. I have no real objections to that, as long as it continues to perform as usual.

    However, in the process, they changed my account username to a butchered mess (a total of 20 characters) based on my email address. I figured a quick email to support and I would be assigned a decent username for their billing system. Imagine my surprise when told that they can only change this if I close my existing account, open a new account, and migrate my site to the new server. All at my expense, of course.

    I can honestly say I've had years of outstanding support from Spry, but this is leaving me with serious doubts. If a tech company can't even change a username, it may be time to look elsewhere.

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    I certainly feel your pain. I am very concerned about losing the 1st class level of support that I have come to receive from the staff in Seattle. I have also just posted my comments in the "Testimonial" section.



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