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    Default SPRY under new management

    Dear SPRY Management, Support and MA Transition Team,

    I wanted to take a few minutes to express a few concerns.

    Let me first say that I have been a SPRY customer since May 2005. In fact, when I set up my first VPS the owner of the company helped me to create my initial account. I am truly a "Legacy" account from the first days of SPRY. I don't know how many thousands of dollars I have spent on my numerous VPS accounts over the past 5 years, but lets say it's "substantial". I am solidly committed to SPRY, and have no intention of making any changes. I have been TOTALLY SATISFIED beyond any expectation. The ENTIRE staff in the Seattle offices have gone above and beyond the normal expectations to assist me in the early days, and dozens and dozens of times since. I am much more knowledgeable today, and I attribute a lot of that to my interactions and experiences with the SPRY staff. In addition, I have recruited and recommended numerous customers to SPRY.

    I currently manage over 600 domains, and in excess of 300 accounts for customers on your platforms. Needless to say, I am certainly not your largest account, but I am also not "small potatoes." I understand the complexities of transitioning, but frankly donít understand the "hands off" communication with us, your "new customers." During a recent transition of one of my VPS accounts, I received one (1) email explaining that the transition would take place in "two days". No indication of what time during the day, and no explanation of the time frame to complete the move. The server being transitioned was down for nearly four hours, before it was returned to service. With nearly 60 customer websites on this server, they were not at all pleased. And in an attempt to gain any information, the transition staff could only tell me, that the account was "in transition."

    I am very concerned about the level of communication from the transition team, as the company is changing management. I have still yet to receive any explanation about the new management, new MA location, explanation about the changes, etc. If I were making such substantial changes, I would certainly communicate this information to my customers in an effort to be open and transparent, and that they were important during any transition.

    From the explanation that I received from the Seattle office this morning, it appears that there is a tone of "two teams of support." I am hoping that this is simply just their frustration and not an indication of future correspondence. I certainly trust the level of support and communication improves in the days ahead, and hope that I can count on receiving the "First Class Support" that I have received from the team in Seattle. I look forward to your reply.


    Scott A. McLaughlin
    President, Heartland Hosting, LLC

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    Default Interesting

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for this post and your reply to my earlier post regarding transition problems. I received an email that my account "is tentatively scheduled to be migrated in two days" on June 1st. I don't know when they started the process, but I do know it was completed yesterday, June 7, and in addition to the transition downtime I was down for two hours yesterday after getting the email that my account had been migrated. I put in a ticket for this added downtime almost immediately and after two hours with no response I started calling. Like you, I first got to the "Legacy Support" who answered right away, but couldn't do anything for me. And I do mean he couldn't do anything - he wasn't even able to transfer me to the correct team. I had to hang up, call back, select a different option. I had a client that was supposed to announce and present their new Web Site at a meeting during this downtime yesterday evening and was unable to. This reflects poorly on my client, on me, and on Spry, whoever the management may be.

    Like you, I would LOVE to be able to stick with the same level of service and support I've enjoyed from Spry in the past. However, my account is soon to be up for renewal and unless someone can assure me of the cancellation policy under this new management, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to stick around. In all fairness to Spry, if I'm understanding their reply correctly, they've offered me a "courtesy" service credit to stick around.

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    Default Forgot to add...

    Like Scott, I too would be reassured by some additional details regarding the change in management and datacenter.

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    I think I would be reassured by the presence of any Spry employee on the forum.

    I too got the "scheduled for transition in two days" email. The transition happened about a week later, which was fine since I assumed it wouldn't be moved until everything was fine.

    A few days later, problems started. For two weeks I was fighting random shutdowns of HTTPS, SFTP, SMTP, POP3, and SSH. After researching the problems thoroughly I finally decided to put in a support ticket on Sunday.

    After giving a detailed assessment of my problems and what I had done to try and troubleshoot them, I clicked "submit" and was greeted by a 403 error. That did not really infuse me with confidence in this new, improved Spry.

    I filed a ticket yesterday (#7132469) to test if the support system was operational, and then amended it with details of my problem. In the couple of support requests I have had before, there was a response in 15-30 minutes. This time took 1h 50m, and the response was blank. Yes, blank... as in "nothing there".

    How am I to expect that a company that cannot keep a support ticket system running is able to manage VPSs? This is definitely not the same Spry of a month ago and earlier... that Spry was completely awesome and acted like their clients mattered. This new Spry... I am very unimpressed.

    I am thankful that we do not host all of our sites here, but instead work on the "distributed risk" model. I've played this game so many times before - you find an awesome host only to have them degenerate into junk after a couple of years.

    Spry, please don't do that to us.

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    Default Uh-oh Are we in for it?

    I'm having similar experiences. I've emailed and called. I have email problems and was told by tech that the engineer may have a chance to look at my issue today as he would be in for 2 more hours before he called it a day. He went on to say that their standard response time for a ticket was 24-48 hours and I'm already 30 hours into this issue before hearing that..LOL..Guess I'll move along, this isn't going to be pretty.
    Your account has been transitioned to the new platform. Please find the
    following contact information below for the team that has access to
    resolve your issues. We strongly urge you to contact the transition team
    for any outages or issues pertaining to the transition to the new
    platform for them to resolve your issue promptly as any and all requests
    via phone will be given priority.


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    Default Yeah - Not good . . .

    Agreed, agreed, agreed.

    This is just not good. Everything went down today (5 days after the "migration successful"). I was very happy with the initial response time to my support ticket - I got a response within minutes that the server had been rebooted, and everything was accessible again - and it was.

    But here it is 4 hours later, and everything is down again. The timing for me could not be worse. Just landed 2 new pretty significant clients. So now I am wondering whether they should be my first new clients on a new VPS or Dedicated through a different company.

    Ughhh. Also just realized (5 days after migration) that one of my clients' blogs did not make it through. Not good.

    SPRY has been good to us over the years. Looks like that may be coming to an end?

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    I would like to make all forum users aware that I have seen an increase in the number of phishing messages in my PM box. Please be very careful about your personal messages. If you receive a message from a user that you do not know, and they instruct you to click on a link, do not under any circumstances click the link.

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    poedavid, please forward any phishing messages to me via PM and we can take care of the issue.

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    Default Also disappointed

    We've also been longtime Spry customers, but in the past 6 months have had over 20 hrs of downtime in 2 major outages. The second outage is still ongoing. If it's like the first, then I suspect we'll be out for another 4-5 hours.

    In our first few years of being with Spry, we never had this sort of problem. Downtime was negligible, perhaps 2 hrs/year.

    Support does reply to our calls and tickets, but doesn't seem to be able to do anything about the problem.

    This last outage comes at an especially sensitive time for our firm and has caused us significant embarrassment. At this point, Spry has become a liability to us and we are reconsidering our patronage.

    I'm not sure what happened during Spry's change, but I do miss the Spry's reliability.


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