Dear SPRY Management, Support and MA Transition Team,

I wanted to take a few minutes to express a few concerns.

Let me first say that I have been a SPRY customer since May 2005. In fact, when I set up my first VPS the owner of the company helped me to create my initial account. I am truly a "Legacy" account from the first days of SPRY. I don't know how many thousands of dollars I have spent on my numerous VPS accounts over the past 5 years, but lets say it's "substantial". I am solidly committed to SPRY, and have no intention of making any changes. I have been TOTALLY SATISFIED beyond any expectation. The ENTIRE staff in the Seattle offices have gone above and beyond the normal expectations to assist me in the early days, and dozens and dozens of times since. I am much more knowledgeable today, and I attribute a lot of that to my interactions and experiences with the SPRY staff. In addition, I have recruited and recommended numerous customers to SPRY.

I currently manage over 600 domains, and in excess of 300 accounts for customers on your platforms. Needless to say, I am certainly not your largest account, but I am also not "small potatoes." I understand the complexities of transitioning, but frankly donít understand the "hands off" communication with us, your "new customers." During a recent transition of one of my VPS accounts, I received one (1) email explaining that the transition would take place in "two days". No indication of what time during the day, and no explanation of the time frame to complete the move. The server being transitioned was down for nearly four hours, before it was returned to service. With nearly 60 customer websites on this server, they were not at all pleased. And in an attempt to gain any information, the transition staff could only tell me, that the account was "in transition."

I am very concerned about the level of communication from the transition team, as the company is changing management. I have still yet to receive any explanation about the new management, new MA location, explanation about the changes, etc. If I were making such substantial changes, I would certainly communicate this information to my customers in an effort to be open and transparent, and that they were important during any transition.

From the explanation that I received from the Seattle office this morning, it appears that there is a tone of "two teams of support." I am hoping that this is simply just their frustration and not an indication of future correspondence. I certainly trust the level of support and communication improves in the days ahead, and hope that I can count on receiving the "First Class Support" that I have received from the team in Seattle. I look forward to your reply.


Scott A. McLaughlin
President, Heartland Hosting, LLC