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Thread: Down for ONE WEEK and counting...

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    Angry Down for ONE WEEK and counting...

    I first logged a ticket on June 17th after my VPS was moved from Seattle to Boston. The container made it fine but my IP addresses are still routing to Seattle and all my client's domains are timing out.

    It took me 3 days to convince Spry that rebooting the container is not the answer, or just because you can ping the domain all is OK. This is a nightmare. I've had such quality from Spry for the past 2-3 years but this is unforgiveable. I keep sending them TraceRoutes and all I've heard for a week is that they'll let me know when the NetBlocks have been moved over...

    This screwup has cost me a lot of money in lost business and worst of all, my reputation to deliver.

    Very frustrated...

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    Unhappy Omg...

    Oh, no.
    It's so scare if same thing happen to me...

    One of my client's site has kept down, though.
    I've not receive the answer from Spry yet.

    I used to love their quick & kind support, but it has been changed a lot since they move to Boston.


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