I don't know if anyone had to live this kind of problem but I have a VPN account with Spry and had it for 3 years. Until the new management, I never had any problems with the company. Unfortunately, recently, I've had all sorts of interruptions.

The strangest one is that they don't seem to be able to deal with me paying my bills through PayPal. I receive all sorts of payment due messages, despite having paid all the bills. In fact, I even have a subscription that should simply enable Spry to be paid through PayPal each and every month.

It went up to the top level billing staff and they confirmed that the payments had been received but that there was an engineering glitch.

After two weeks with no further feedback, my account is suspended without notice and support says that they can see the issue and tickets as well as the top-tiered interventions but they can't do anything else until the top tiered staff resolves the PayPal issue. All that on the day where another PayPal payment to Spry went through...

The support guy even told me that it had happened often. Anyone had this kind of aggravation?