It seems that updates to HTML files are not visible in browsers, as if there is a cache on the server that serves old versions of the files.

To test this, I created a file at:

a simple HTML document with the text "AAAAAAAAAA". I viewed it with this link using Firefox and it looked fine:

(Note that the forum system doesn't let me write the "http")

I then changed the content of the file to "BBBBBBBBBB", and viewed it again; I didn't see my update - I saw the old content.

I used other browsers - Chrome, and even Lynx - and still got the old contents, which rules out the possibility of browser cache.

The only way I could view the new content is to add a query string, such as:

This behaviour is new - it started at 2010-12-8, 10:00 AM.

Is there actually a new cache on the server?

If so, I really appreciate it as it saves download times, but I would like to know how I can circumvent it for documents that have changed, since my links are static and I cannot add a query string to all of them.

Thank you very much for your great service!

Erel Segal