I contacted support with the issue: From my IP I can't ftp to a client account. I was very specifi and detailed in the support ticket. We have been with spry for over 2 plus years. We have 2 separate accounts. One of which, I am just one of the contact person for the server but not the owner. I have another VPS account which I and another friend.
I have different email for each server so not to confuse support for which server I was asking for support. For years, there was no problem. I open a ticket for this server using the correct email, no problem they know which server I was contacting them about.
Today, it seems like the support reps didn't even ready my email.
In my email I listed:
Domain Name
Server Name
Account Name

Support opened the ticket on the wrong server and was asking my pets name.
I am moving a handful of the website I have on spry. There are other hosting companies that can duplicate what they provided now plus more and more up to standards on support.
I missed the Seattle support team. If you are busy, like we all try to be, it takes away from the time and productivity.
I am still waiting for my IP to be unblocked.
They have not figured out which ticket it was for.