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Thread: IPv6 on VPS

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    Default IPv6 on VPS

    I saw another thread from 2009 asking if Spry had any IPv6 capabilities. At that time, the answer was no, with no plans to implement it either.

    Now that the depletion of the IPv4 address space is upon us, does spry still have no plans for bringing IPv6 connectivity to their services? Granted we may not need an additional IPv4 address, but I'm sure many of us would like to begin adding IPv6 connectivity to our services.

    I would have considered a IPv6 tunnel broker to get IPv6 connectivity running prior to Spry offering it, but it looks like the VPS kernel does not even have the ipv6 module available.

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    Spry doesn't support IPv6 currently, but our other company VPSLink offers Xen VPS accounts which would allow compiling kernel modules to enable a tunnel. Using a tunnel for IPv6 is somewhat common for VPS and requires an account with a tunnel broker. Most tunnel brokers are internet service providers that provide IPv6 internet access. A list of some tunnel brokers can be found at List of IPv6 tunnel brokers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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