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Thread: Mail server Setup at Home & Hosting with webhost ?

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    Default Mail server Setup at Home & Hosting with webhost ?

    Mail server Setup at Home & Hosting with webhost ?
    I have domain name which I have hosted with web hosting company. I have created 5 Email accounts which are POP3 & SMTP ready accounts. They provided 250 MB space per email ID. I can use them in outlook express individually. But 250 MB space limit is not what I required.

    So I have decided to keep One PC at home for email server which has 120 GB HDD. I have broadband connection which has static IP address.

    So How do I setup mail server with my hosting provider company so that mails can be downloaded to my server and those mail can be accessed by family members in webmail format without Outlook express and storage limit?
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    Hi doll, you're asking a lot here, too much for us to provide a usable answer on a forum. There is a lot involved in running your own mail server. If you want, you can try researching documentation on setting up a Linux mail server using Postfix, Postfix would probably be the easiest for you to set-up. However, it does assume that you have experience running Linux to begin with.


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