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Thread: Can't login to renew domain name

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    Exclamation Can't login to renew domain name


    I can't login to renew my domain name.

    I just have 1 domain name registered via Spry - no other products.

    Last year, when I renewed the domain I did so via, but I can't load that site now.

    I have a login details for both and - but neither work to log in to or Besides, the sign in form asks for a user name and I only have email addresses that I used to login.

    If I try to retrieve/reset my login details by entering the domain name, it says that it is not found.

    I've email details of the problem to and via the Sales Inquiries form - but have had no response. I don't know what else to do except post here.

    How can I log in to renew my domain name?

    Please help, the domain expires today! I shouldn't have left this until the last moment, but I assumed it would be easy...

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks. Tom.

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    Hi Tom, I would suggest calling the sales line 888-808-7779 and see if they can help you out. Otherwise, you can try to sending a PM to Matt@VPSLink on the forum here, but I would try the sales line first, as they'll likely be able to solve your problem more quickly.

    - ChrisW


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