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Thread: website doesnt come oline after creating it in whm

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    Default website doesnt come oline after creating it in whm

    with my WHM account i create a new account
    The account is created successfully but when i try to open the domain browser shows an error as if such site doesn't even exist.
    But with my new username and password i am able to login to the Cpanel of that domain.

    These is only one file in my file manager index.html which i have uploaded

    DNS Settings
    (here is a checkbox)Use the nameservers specified at the Domain's Registrar
    (ignore locally specified nameservers)


    I created two accounts first time i checked that box and second time i left it unchecked. What should i do ?
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    Hi Jake, a couple of questions. One, you do have proper DNS setup with the registrar, right? Also, did you wait for DNS to propagate? It can sometimes take up to a couple days for DNS to propagate depending on the TTL settings on the DNS server. If you either post or PM me your domain name, I can take a quick look at the DNS and domain registrar information. I'm not a Spry support tech, so I can't look at your account, but maybe I can help point you in the right direction.


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