Hi Everyone! I want to share my bad experience with webtropia. Also for users to know what kind of website they offer. I not being mean or anything I just don't deserve thing kind of treatment, I paid right for my product I also deserve the right to complain about their service.

Just this recent, I bought a new VPS from them, I took the 6months because of their guarantee purposes , also I can exchange or refund for any defects, unlike the one month contract(I should have choose this instead.) So the problem with my VPS is access my server via SSH, I donít know whats the password, in order to know the password system must phone you back and say that code, but I tried almost 4 weeks to arrange a call, and never system called me. I even emailed them. Do all possible things but still no reply at all.

I can't use my VPS or even get a refund. This is frustrating. If you're intested with this site. Please avoid them, you'll just waste your money and time. They really have no sense of customer service!!